Board Member "Chinky" on her second term, as Board Member of the 5th district of Pangasinan continues to embrace her craft to leadership and good governance. In addition, she had been a public servant to her own homeland for almost twenty eitght years. She stewards the YLGG programs as she realizes that providing service is not enough - one must go beyond her circle od written and tailored mandate. Thus, a people centered servant with a heart.


The woman in her beckons a pride of a modern woman as she advocates for Woman Empowerment, Gender Equality and Children's Protection. In that, she is the person behind the "Pangasinan Mobile Skills Training Project," a special training for WomanFolks in Laoac, Pangasinan - a program to instill woman's privileges as Solo Parents, Person with Disabilities and victims of domestic violence. She believes in continuing education - a weapon to self development and community progress.


Indeed, Board Member Chinky's passion and dedication to serve her fellow Kailyans shows her sterling commitment to integrity, loyalty, and outstanding service. Hence, she would love partaking this simple passage - "Leaders become great not because of their power but of their ability to empower others."

Rosary Perez-Tababa

Board Member, Pangasinan

YLGG Batch 1 & 3