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For Volunteers


If interested to volunteer, please leave us a message below and the specific details behind your intent. Volunteer opportunities will most likely fall under Community Development programs.

For Donations

If you wish to contribute further to our cause through monetary or other material means, below are some reminders/guidelines.



All donations for JMRF and its individual projects shall be added to the overall funds of the JMRF. Both cash and checks shall be directed to the bank account of JMRF. The Program Associate (PA) for Admin and Finance shall be informed of donations above
Php 1, 000.00. The PA for Marketing and Partnerships and the PA for Admin and Finance shall work closely together for the Foundation’s financial resources.
The donors must receive Official Receipts for their donations. The authorized signatories for the Official Receipts are the Executive Director, PA for Admin and Finance, and the PA for Marketing and Partnerships.


Bank details:
Official name: Jesse M. Robredo Foundation, Inc.
Type: Non-profit
Bank: BPI Savings Bank
Account number: 3081-1178-52

For other inquiries, you may call us at (+632)518-0021.