Councilor Adonis Balagtas, known to his constituents as "Konse Ado", a three-termer councilor, an active member of National Movement of Young Legislators NMYL and the regional Chairperson of Region 3 and the same time Chairperson of the Province of Nueva Ecija.


Because of the big responsibility he has, he chose to continuously seek knowledge through trainings and seminars so that he can improve his way of serving his people. One of these is through joining YLGG which teaches leadership of good governance. He was inspired by the late Secretary Jesse Robredo, who advocated people's participation in Naga City which he also practices from the very start of his term. Every month he goes to the barangays in order for him to make ordinaces beneficial for his constituents.


One of his top priorities are the youth. He empowered them by supporting their projects like sports, seminars and scholarships. He also encourages them to avail the skills development like TESDA and other trainings for out of school youths for them to be given a chance to find decent jobs and support their families.


The senior citizens are of the same priority for him. He let them feel that they are loved and being acknowledged even at their old age. He makes it a point to attend their monthly meetings and supports them with maintenance medicines and some of their basic needs. He even gave them in each respective baranggays a tent and sound system in the form of "videoke" which they can use during their meetings.


Another of his priorities are the local farmers, since his province is famous of being the Rice Granary of our country, he focuses on helping these farmers to improve the level and technique of farming in his town. He proposed from his local government unit to give funding for sets of solar water pump irrigation system which can help farmers lessen their expenses in farming and irrigation and therefore, increasing profit for their families.

Adonis Balagtas

Councilor, San Antonio, Nueva Ecija

YLGG Batch 2 & 3