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Jesse Robredo's legacy of good governance is immortalized in this selection of his speeches and writings. This book aspires to commemorate Robredo's leadership style and philosophy with regard to his career and political life. Through his own words and stories, may this compilation encourage his fellow Filipinos to remember his life as a public servant and continue his legacy.


This book is available to purchase in Fully Booked and National Book Store branches. Please check our official FB page for more details.

Jesse Robredo:

A Quest for Good Governance (2016)

Matino at Mahusay: The Best Practices of Jesse Robredo (2015)

We attribute the strides we have taken towards social transformation to the Filipinos who took heed of the call for positive change. Among them stood the late Jesse Robredo, who shared his visionary insight and passion as Mayor to his fellow Naguenos and as Secretary of Interior and Local Government to our country.

His life and deeds, as commemorated by the publication of this book, inspire our people to help build a society founded on competence, virtue, and equality. May his tale of diligence and humility motivate a greater majority to cast their stake in nation-building, to aid in renewing and optimizing our bureaucracy, and to seek only leaders who embody excellence and integrity. 
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The children's book entitled " 'Nay, Ano Ang Bayani?" shares a story about a young boy, Angelo, who learned about Jesse Robredo's life and leadership journey from his childhood to his latest years. It shares the lessons and values he has lived by, how he led and treated his people, and how he is an overall embodiment of a "matino and mahusay na lider".


Nay, Ano Ang Bayani? :

Ang Kwento ni Jesse Robredo (2017)

Launched during the 6th Death Commemoration of Jesse Robredo, His Story (2018) features the life and works of the late secretary as a public servant and a family man. May his story inspire us to serve others with humility.
You may purchase this book in selected Fully Booked and National Book Store branches. Visit our official Facebook page for the instructions on how to get a copy of the biography.

Jesse Robredo: His Story (2018)H