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Tsinelas Youth Leadership Camp

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With the different issues on violation of rights, corruption, and lack of people participation, facing the country as of today, obtaining an informed, equipped, and empowered youth sector has become a vital need more than ever. It is within this premise that the Jesse M. Robredo Foundation has developed the Tsinelas Youth Leadership Camp which aimed to train youth from all over the country in becoming effective leaders. Inspired by the Tsinelas Leadership championed by the late DILG Secretary Jesse M. Robredo, TYLC believes that an active youth sector is not only key towards youth development but also active participation in government processes.
ALAMINOS CITY — Coming from a successful implementation in Urdaneta, TYLC was able to hold another camp in Alaminos, Pangasinan with around 90 SK participants. This time, former 4th District of Quezon Representative Lorenzo Tanada III introduced Sec. Jesse’s leadership journey to the delegates. Meanwhile, several public servants shared their leadership stories including Councilor Antonino Perez of Urdaneta, Councilor Maybelyn Dela-Cruz Fernandez of Dagupan, Bishop Ricardo Baccay, and Senator Bam Aquino who also delivered a keynote speech. Mr. Von Yacob, Digital Media Officer from the Office of Senator Bam Aquino also discussed about the Salient Points and Key Revisions in the SK Reform. The 1st day of the camp concluded with a very insightful talk on Legislating Good Governance in the SK by Former Councilor and Consultant Mr. Ronald Barcena. The 2nd day focused on Project Management talk and proposal making wherein the participants presented different projects for their constituents. Finally, Ms. Sharra Elep from the JMRF team gave a synthesis of the 2 day camp by discussing the role of the youth in nation building.
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URDANETA CITY — Last August 3, 2018 was its first leg held at Urdaneta City, Pangasinan wherein JMRF was able to gather around 120 members of the Sanggunian Kabataan Councils from the 5th district of Pangasinan. Among the highlights of the morning session was the Jesse M. Robredo video presentation and talk conducted by Councilor LA Ruanto of Infanta, Quezon wherein the legacies and leadership of Sec. Jesse was introduced. This was followed by a leadership dialogue featuring Mr. Ronald Barcena, former Councilor of Antipolo City, Mayor Carlo Medina of Vigan City, and Sec. Neric Acosta, Former Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection to show how modern day public servants espouse Tsinelas Leadership. The 1-day training session was concluded by a Project Management Talk conducted by Mr. Takahiro Tateno from the JMRF team as a preparation of the Project Proposal Making session. This allows the participants to gauge their learning by creating relevant, responsive, and innovative project proposals.
SAN FERNANDO CITY — The last addition to the TYLC Camp series was held at San Fernando, La Union through a collaboration with Board Member Paolo Ortega. TYLC La Union was of a different track as it had student leaders as delegates. A talk show type sharing of leadership stories was conducted by Ms. Julia Agida of the JMRF team featuring Mayor Carlo Medina of Vigan, Councilor Joanne Valdez of Candon, and Vice Mayor Anton Perez of Alaminos. Councilor LA Ruanto was also invited once again to discuss how Sec. Jesse’s Tsinelas Leadership relates to student leaders. One new addition to the program is the testimonials of Tsinelas Leaders Mr. Conray Arnigo and Ms. Quennie Soriano on how TYLC was able to hone them as effective leaders. After all the sessions, the participants were briefed on creating project proposals which they presented to the panel for judging and comments.
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