Tsinelas Youth

Student Leader
YCLC Fellow, 2020

Joana Sales

Before joining the YCLC, I was a bit worried because I saw in the invitation that there are four modules to be completed. During that time, I was having second thoughts whether to join or not because I still had a lot of school requirements to accomplish. Behind all those thoughts, I realized that a rare opportunity is already knocking at my door, special thanks to Atty. Marjorie Martin Chan for sharing this opportunity to me. It was a great experience, I had so much fun, most especially during warm up activities and gaining leadership strategies and approaches from listening to the different guest speakers who are also known leaders in their respective towns.

Thank you YCLC and JMRF, I found a new family.


Student Leader
TYLFP Fellow, 2019

Kwen Kwen Cabalag

The best thing about TYLFP is that it was able to gather passionate youth leaders who are very much open in sharing what they fight for, and in learning from other's advocacies, as well. I believe that such opportunity has magnified the significance of the youth movement, collective action, and good governance.


TYLFP has strengthened my principles regarding good leadership. It made me recognize how necessary it is to have a good leader in a society where a need for systemic change and prograssion exists.


SK Chairperson
M I.T. H Fellow, 2020

Make IT Happen was an enjoyable program to learn from professionals and to interact with fellow SKs around the country. The different topics discussed, like use of different online collaborative tools, use of social media platform and practice of data-driven leadership, really equipped us, youth leaders, with knowledge and practice in the use of digital technology to promote engagement and to help solve problems within our community. The webinars, online group discussions and group activities also gave me a perspective on the different concerns of youth leaders in their respective constituencies and how they think of solutions to these concerns. But, the most important learning I got from the program is the idea that even though we are continuing to shift to online platforms to communicate our advocacies and to connect people, we should still be able to create programs, capacitate people and make impact offline.


John Carlo Motas